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Our Teams

▎共同發起者 ▎Co-facilitator

朱筱琪 CHU, Hsiao-Chi 織事 |Weave the Edge 發起者)




Hsiao-Chi Chu is an art worker and writer. She studied MA, Migration and Diaspora Studies, SOAS. She has led multiple art projects in Northern Asia, Middle Asia, and the Middle East. Her projects are an attempt to blend art and culture in heritages, forced migration, and human rights issues. In 2018, she was granted an overseas artist project subsidy by the National Culture and Arts Foundation to conduct field research in the Middle East.

❑ 胡鈞媛 HU, Chun-Yuan (Refugee 101 Taiwan 發起者


關注議題包含難民政策、教育、以及社會融入。畢業於倫敦大學學院教育和國際發展碩士班,論文研究約旦高等教育機構如何支持難民學生,2018年曾於安曼人權研究中心實習。現職Refugee 101 Taiwan計畫發起人,過去七個月在全臺十六個縣市舉辦約七十場難民議題工作坊,透過互動式工作坊讓參與者體驗難民尋求庇護遇到的困境,以及討論臺灣未來可能的難民政策。


Chun-Yuan Hu is the initiator of Refugee 101 Taiwan, a project aiming to raise public awareness of global refugee issues. She studied MA Education, Health Promotion and International Development at University College London. She has hosted nearly 70 interactive workshops on refugee issues in 16 counties in Taiwan for the past seven months.

▎共同策展人 ▎Co-curators

陳映妤 Yingyu Alicia Chen

獨立記者暨文字工作者,關注難民、強迫遷徙與人權等議題independent journalist and writer, focusing on refugees, forced migration and human rights issues.

朱筱琪 Hsiao-Chi Chu


Independent art project manager and writer, focusing on art, museum, heritages, forced migration and human rights issues.

廖芸婕 Yunjie Liao


Independent journalist, writer and photographer. Her works often encompass stories involving freedom, borders, conflicts and narratives.


▎故事紀錄者 ▎Storytellers

Yingyu Alicia Chen
Ewa Lelontko


▎攝影師 ▎Photographer

Joss Duncan


▎獨立創作者 (依字母排序) ▎Artists (A to Z)

#委內瑞拉難民音樂家 Laura Pérez
#敘利亞藝術家 Omar Alassoura
#羅興亞難民詩人 Ro Yassin Abdumonab

▎視覺設計師 ▎Visual designer

▎共同展覽執行 ▎Co-exhibition Coordinator

張以慈 Chang Yi-Tzu


Service designer, Loves exploring stories and care about art/design education and public policy



We are committed to deliver the most effective method of digital communication, using technology to deepen human communication and emotional understanding.

▎發起單位 ▎Organizer

無國界之聲 |Voices Without Borders

無國界之聲是在COVID-19疫情下,由獨立記者 Yingyu Alicia Chen (陳映妤)、自由紀實攝影師 Joss Duncan 以及NGO工作者 Ewa Lelontko 共同成立。透過紀錄世界各地難民人性的故事,呈現在全球不平等的結構之下,被迫遷徙者的日常。讓時常被遺忘的聲音能被好好的聽見,讓彼此激勵不覺孤單,並在大時代的不確定性中,創造出屬於世界的共同體。

Voices Without Borders (VWB) is established by independent journalist Yingyu Alicia Chen, freelance documentary photographer Joss Duncan, and NGO worker Ewa Lelontko. During COVID-19 pandemic, VWB aims to showcase the human side of stories that refugees and forced migrants live under the structure of global inequalities. To voice those who are often left behind. To show that we are not alone and to empower each other. To create a community in a world of uncertainty.


▎合作夥伴 ▎Partner

地中海移民 |Migrants of the Mediterranean

「地中海移民」是由Pamela Kerpius創立,起點於義大利蘭佩杜薩島,使命是將人們在遷移的過程中遭受的創傷經歷,也視為自己所面臨的,並透過人道主義敘事方法記錄移民的故事,包含移民到歐洲的遷移過程以及穿越地中海尋求安全、自由和機會的含義。

Migrants of the Mediterranean (MotM) is founded by Pamela Kerpius. MotM records the migrants' stories by Humanitarian Storytelling approach to present the experience of the individual migrant’s journey, from country of origin to Europe, to see who they are and what it entails to cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of safety, freedom and opportunity. The mission of MotM is to see the trauma people have suffered on their journey as a reality we see as our own, and document it for the historical record. Only by understanding the crisis of humanity before us are we equipped to address it.

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