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2021.02 -

The series of co-writing workshops-’Refugee Path', is held by Hsiao-Chi (the initiator of Weave the Edge) and Chun-Yuan (the initiator of Refugee 101 Taiwan). Combining Hsiao-Chi and Chun-Yuan's research experience in forced migration and refugees and field experience in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe, they aim to build a knowledge-based platform titled 'Forced Migration Database' in Taiwan with workshop participants and contributors from different fields. 


此系列計畫——《難民路徑》,將由兩位發起者,朱筱琪(Weave the Edge 發起者)、胡鈞媛(Refugee 101 Taiwan 發起者),整合過往於強迫遷徙/難民學科與研究的專業背景、遊走於中東、亞洲、非洲與歐洲各地之田野實地經驗,及延伸推廣強迫遷徙/難民議題工作坊經驗,透過此次「系列共筆討論工作坊」,將透過每次的案例討論,建構探討強迫遷徙/難民議題之知識性的整合平台——《強迫遷徙資料庫》。 



The event is supported by the National Human Rights Museum, Taiwan ( 


------ 系列共筆討論會 Co-writing Workshop ------

2021 Feb 21

何謂難民?What is Refugee?

2021 Mar 20

來自四面八方的新鄰居 Our New Neighborhood

2021 May 30

土地溫柔的話語—巴勒斯坦 Food and Culture in Palestine

2021 July 18 

全世界最嚴重的人道災難 ─ 葉門 The worst humanitarian disaster in the world


2021 Aug 28 

平行社會:馬來西亞的難民群體 Parallel Society: The Refugees in Malaysia

2021 Oct 23 

難民有出路嗎?Is there any way out for refugees?

2021 Nov 13

人道主義 Humanitarianism

*難民路徑 Refugee Path is supported by National Human Rights Museum, Taiwan.

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