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For most of us, 

it is hard to imagine the Refugee Path. It is also hard to understand the Life Experiences of those facing dramatic changes.


they don’t have to walk alone.

Life Experiences reflect various colours.


This online interactive exhibition aims to explore how the public perceives refugees’ journey. We invite you to pick three colours to describe the life of refugees before, during, and after flight.

We hope that you can use this chance to imagine yourself going through those tough journeys and express your
feelings, emotions, and impressions of displacement through colours.

We will change the colour of the website to the colour picked the most by the participants. 

The life of refugees before flight​

Colour : Grey
Colour Code: #828282

26.3% of the respondents selected this colour.

I think it must be struggling before they left their homes and hometown. Therefore, I chose the colour that straddles black and white.

Future is not always bright, so I chose a colour that is dark but with a tinge of brightness.

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